Ready for Halloween? Not Without This Hit-Girl Leather Jacket

If you’re still agonizing over your Halloween costume, fret no more. This literally Kick-Ass leather jacket has just popped up to save the day. Not only is it an exact replica of the purple jacket worn by Hit-Girl, Chloe Moretz’s

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Weekend Box Office — Lee Daniels’ The Butler at the Top

Director Lee Daniels’ story of the White House butler who served under eight presidents has topped the US box office. First off, Cecil Gaines — played in the film by Forest Whitaker — actually existed. Well, sort of. Lee Daniels’

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The 5 Superhero Movies To See in 2013

With the recent success of The Avengers and the epic conclusion to the Nolan Batman trilogy, we can’t help but wonder about the future of superhero movies and how they’ll keep up this crazy momentum. The good news is, these

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Top 5 Things to Look Forward to in Kick-Ass 2, Coming out June 2013

The List Kick-Ass 2 is set to hit theaters next Summer and that brings some great new features to look forward to: Number 5 Donald Faison as Doctor Gravity – The newest addition to the Kick-Ass 2 cast is Scrubs’

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