Beatles Cavern Club Brick – Way Less Expensive Than Paul McCartney’s Door

It’s safe to say the Beatles were popular. After all, the beat-up front door from the childhood home of Sir Paul McCartney was sold at auction on yesterday in the United Kingdom. The winning bid? £5,060 (around $7800). It seems

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Famous $25,000 Brodsky Print of Jim Morrison for Almost 100% Off?

Sotheby’s currently has the original Joel Brodsky print of Jim Morrison with arms open for upwards of $25,000. We found it for $700!!

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The Beatles Giveaway – Win Rare Trading Cards and Vintage Talk Magazine!

Enter now for your chance to win a vintage The Beatles Talk! magazine and Beatles trading cards exclusively from Hollywood Video!

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1/4 scale batman neca

Holy Cow! NECA Making 1966 and 1989 Batman 1/4 Scale Action Figures!

NECA has unveiled its 1/4 scale batman action figures this year at the New York Toy Fair. Check out what we have learned about them!

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walking dead giveaway feature

The Walking Dead Giveaway – Win a SDCC Exclusive Deer Eating Zombie Mini Bust! is giving away a very rare SDCC 2012 The Walking Dead Mini Bust from NECA. There were only a handful of these ever made!

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after earth figure feature

NECA to Make Action Figures and Prop Replicas for Will Smith’s After Earth!

New Merch for the New Sci-Fi Action Flick After Earth, the new sci-fi movie starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith, will be coming to theaters in June… and we’ve just learned that a new series of action figures and prop

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rocky feature

Rocky Giveaway – Win a Pair of Rocky Balboa Action Figures is giving away an awesome pair of Rocky action figures from NECA. Enter to win these highly articulate figures right away

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robocop feature

RoboCop Giveaway – RoboCop Action Figure Combo with NECA T-Shirt! has an amazing RoboCop giveaway this week featuring two action figures from NECA. You would be a fool to pass this up!

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hunger games feature

The Hunger Games Giveaway – Katniss and Peeta Action Figures! is giving away a pair of action figures from The Hunger Games by NECA. Enter to win Katniss and Peeta from Series 2!

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terminator feature

Terminator Giveaway – Win a Set of Terminator 2 Action Figures! is having a giveaway featuring some incredible action figures from Terminator 2 by NECA. Check out how to win this set!

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potc feature

Pirates of The Caribbean Giveaway – Limited Edition Treasure Chest is giving away a Limited Edition treasure chest from the film Pirates of the Caribbean by NECA. Don’t miss this one!

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gremlins feature

Gremlins Giveaway – Win a Set of Original Gremlins Action Figures! is giving away a set of three original Gremlins action figures from NECA. Act quick for your chance to win these guys.

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Terminator 2 Giveaway – 18″ Light Up Terminator Endoskeleton Action Figure is giving away an incredible 18″ Terminator 2 T-800 endoskeleton from NECA. Be sure to enter to win this giveaway!

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Twilight: New Moon Giveaway – Cullen Crest Jewelry Set with Alice Cullen Autograph is giving away a complete set of The Twilight Saga: New Moon replica jewelry featuring the Cullen Crest from NECA.

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A Christmas Story Giveaway – Win a Special Prize Package Full of Joy! is giving away a package of goodies from A Christmas Story by NECA. See how you can win all of these amazing prizes.

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Gremlins Giveaway – 2011 SDCC Exclusive Gizmo Action Figure is giving away an exclusive SDCC Grelmins figure from NECA. Here is your chance to win a special Gizmo action figure.

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Twilight: New Moon Giveaway – Complete Set of Series 1 Action Figures! is giving away the complete series 1 figure set from The Twilight Saga: New Moon from NECA. Don’t miss out on this one!

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Sci-Fi Flick ‘After Earth’ signals the coming Smith Family Dynasty in Hollywood

Will Smith and son Jaden will star in the upcoming sci-fi flick After Earth. Prepare for the Smith Dynasty to come!

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