The Beatles Giveaway – Win Rare Trading Cards and Vintage Talk Magazine!

Enter now for your chance to win a vintage The Beatles Talk! magazine and Beatles trading cards exclusively from Hollywood Video!

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1/4 scale batman neca

Holy Cow! NECA Making 1966 and 1989 Batman 1/4 Scale Action Figures!

NECA has unveiled its 1/4 scale batman action figures this year at the New York Toy Fair. Check out what we have learned about them!

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rocky feature

Rocky Giveaway – Win a Pair of Rocky Balboa Action Figures is giving away an awesome pair of Rocky action figures from NECA. Enter to win these highly articulate figures right away

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robocop feature

RoboCop Giveaway – RoboCop Action Figure Combo with NECA T-Shirt! has an amazing RoboCop giveaway this week featuring two action figures from NECA. You would be a fool to pass this up!

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hunger games feature

The Hunger Games Giveaway – Katniss and Peeta Action Figures! is giving away a pair of action figures from The Hunger Games by NECA. Enter to win Katniss and Peeta from Series 2!

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terminator feature

Terminator Giveaway – Win a Set of Terminator 2 Action Figures! is having a giveaway featuring some incredible action figures from Terminator 2 by NECA. Check out how to win this set!

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potc feature

Pirates of The Caribbean Giveaway – Limited Edition Treasure Chest is giving away a Limited Edition treasure chest from the film Pirates of the Caribbean by NECA. Don’t miss this one!

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gremlins feature

Gremlins Giveaway – Win a Set of Original Gremlins Action Figures! is giving away a set of three original Gremlins action figures from NECA. Act quick for your chance to win these guys.

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Terminator 2 Giveaway – 18″ Light Up Terminator Endoskeleton Action Figure is giving away an incredible 18″ Terminator 2 T-800 endoskeleton from NECA. Be sure to enter to win this giveaway!

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A Christmas Story Giveaway – Win a Special Prize Package Full of Joy! is giving away a package of goodies from A Christmas Story by NECA. See how you can win all of these amazing prizes.

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Gremlins Giveaway – 2011 SDCC Exclusive Gizmo Action Figure is giving away an exclusive SDCC Grelmins figure from NECA. Here is your chance to win a special Gizmo action figure.

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Twilight: New Moon Giveaway – Complete Set of Series 1 Action Figures! is giving away the complete series 1 figure set from The Twilight Saga: New Moon from NECA. Don’t miss out on this one!

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kill bill feature

Kill Bill Giveaway – Win an exclusive Crazy 88 Director Action Figure is giving away another spectacular prize. This time we have a Kill Bill Crazy 88 Director action figure for a lucky fan!

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tron feature

Tron Giveaway: Win Limited Edition Sark and Mercury Action Figures! is giving away a collection of Tron figures included a limited edition Sark and Mercury from NECA. See how to win!

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E.T. Action Figures Giveaway – Win Complete Series 1 Anniversary Set is giving away the complete Series 1 E.T. figure line by NECA. This is your chance to own some movie history!

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Gizmo Round 3

Win the Combat Gizmo Mogwai Figure – The Final Gremlins Giveaway

Here is your chance to win a Mogwai Series 2 Combat Gizmo figure by NECA in our Round 3 Giveaway. Just answer a simple question to gain entry. Good Luck!

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Update On The Hunger Games Movie Product Line Shipping Date!

Recent update on the Hunger Games movie product line. Amazon should be receiving the products by the end of next week, hopefully allowing them to ship products to costumers somewhere around February 20th.

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