Twilight: New Moon Giveaway – Cullen Crest Jewelry Set with Alice Cullen Autograph is giving away a complete set of The Twilight Saga: New Moon replica jewelry featuring the Cullen Crest from NECA.

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A Christmas Story Giveaway – Win a Special Prize Package Full of Joy! is giving away a package of goodies from A Christmas Story by NECA. See how you can win all of these amazing prizes.

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Gremlins Giveaway – 2011 SDCC Exclusive Gizmo Action Figure is giving away an exclusive SDCC Grelmins figure from NECA. Here is your chance to win a special Gizmo action figure.

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From Apprentice to Padawan: Mickey to Own Lucasfilm in Disney Deal

That’s right, the House of Mouse is buying up Skywalker Ranch for over $4Billion! Better yet, a new Star Wars movie is scheduled for 2015!

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Twilight: New Moon Giveaway – Complete Set of Series 1 Action Figures! is giving away the complete series 1 figure set from The Twilight Saga: New Moon from NECA. Don’t miss out on this one!

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Sci-Fi Flick ‘After Earth’ signals the coming Smith Family Dynasty in Hollywood

Will Smith and son Jaden will star in the upcoming sci-fi flick After Earth. Prepare for the Smith Dynasty to come!

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lone ranger feature

6 Things You Don’t Know About The Lone Ranger [TRIVIA]

Next summer, Disney brings the legend of The Lone Ranger to the big screens with Johnny Depp. Here are 6 things you did NOT know about it.

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kill bill feature

Kill Bill Giveaway – Win an exclusive Crazy 88 Director Action Figure is giving away another spectacular prize. This time we have a Kill Bill Crazy 88 Director action figure for a lucky fan!

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tron feature

Tron Giveaway: Win Limited Edition Sark and Mercury Action Figures! is giving away a collection of Tron figures included a limited edition Sark and Mercury from NECA. See how to win!

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E.T. Action Figures Giveaway – Win Complete Series 1 Anniversary Set is giving away the complete Series 1 E.T. figure line by NECA. This is your chance to own some movie history!

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The Iron Patriot Armor is Ready for Iron Man 3 – Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes for the new suits from Iron Man 3. Shane Mahan details the work that goes into creating these incredible armors for Iron Man 3!

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RIP, Tony Scott – Legenday Film Director and Producer

The famous director and producer Tony Scott died August 19, 2012. He was best known for his role as producer in movies such as Prometheus

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Prometheus Infographic Hints About 2nd Movie – Black Goo KINDA Explained?

New infographic published by Prometheus hints at 2nd movie by trying to explain what the black goo actually does. Did they reveal too much?

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Gizmo Round 3

Win the Combat Gizmo Mogwai Figure – The Final Gremlins Giveaway

Here is your chance to win a Mogwai Series 2 Combat Gizmo figure by NECA in our Round 3 Giveaway. Just answer a simple question to gain entry. Good Luck!

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Wait What? Seth MacFarlane To Host The 85th Academy Awards!

The Academy Awards went with a very unorthodox decision when they chose Seth MacFarlane, creator of “Family Guy”, to host next year’s Oscars.

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Top 5 Things to Look Forward to in Kick-Ass 2, Coming out June 2013

The List Kick-Ass 2 is set to hit theaters next Summer and that brings some great new features to look forward to: Number 5 Donald Faison as Doctor Gravity – The newest addition to the Kick-Ass 2 cast is Scrubs’

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God Bless America with Joel Murray is God D*** Awesome

Everyone feels angry at times, and probably even consider dangerous actions towards fellow humans. God Bless America shows just what happens in those cases.

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Avengers Director and Geek Superstar Joss Whedon To Direct S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series For ABC

S.H.I.E.L.D. from the Marvel Universe is getting its own TV series. Joss Whedon, director of The Avengers is playing a major role in its development!

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